Vivarium Temperature Monitor

Much of the information here is a repeat of the blog post in my personal blog here.

Vivarium Temperature Monitor

The main components are a BoArduino, an HD4470 compatible LCD display, a WIZ810MJ ethernet module (in an adapter board) and some discrete components with a TMP36 for temperature monitoring.

The circuit uses nearly all of the digital pins (it would use them all if the ethernet library supported interrupts). The LCD is connected using digital pins 3 to 8. Pins 3 to 6 are the data lines, 7 is the enable pin and 8 is RS. The ethernet module is connected using digital pins 9 to 13 being Reset, SS, MOSI, MISO and SCLK. The temperature sensor is connected to Analog pin 0. It outputs 10mV per degree Celcius with a 500mV offset so that 0C is 500mv, 50C is 1V etc.

This is the result set for the last day.

The Generated Graph